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Invisalign ®
Dr. Leyli Valera, DDS - San Jose, CA

invisalign ® is a groundbreaking solution for patients with cosmetic or functional issues related to bite, crowding, or crooked teeth. An answer for patients looking for something less painful, visible, and involved than traditional bracket braces, invisalign ® is a comfortable, clear tray that sits over your teeth, gently adjusting them over time.

Common Questions about invisalign ®

How does invisalign ® work?

If you’ve talked it through with Dr. Valera and determined that invisalign ® is right for you, Dr. Valera will take an easy mold of your mouth right there in the office. Afterward, she’ll send the molds, along with a plan for your new smile, to the labs at Invisalign ®. Invisalign ® will produce a special tray custom-made to fit your mouth. You’ll wear this removable, clear tray throughout the day, and over time it will gently move your teeth into the desired position. For more specific details, make an appointment with Dr. Valera to talk through your case and the many available options.

Is invisalign ® right for me?

invisalign ® is an increasingly popular solution for crooked teeth, bite issues, and numerous other conditions. Dr. Valera can help you determine if you would benefit from invisalign ®. A quick consultation will help her understand your condition and the best possible solution.

Is invisalign ® expensive?

The price of invisalign ® differs depending on the severity of the case, but is generally comparable to other orthodontic treatments. Dr. Valera offers invisalign ® for both cosmetic and functional issues, but functional issues are often covered by insurance. She can help you work out any insurance questions you might have, helping you understand your financial liability before committing to treatment.

How long do I have to wear invisalign ®?

This depends on the severity of the case, but Invisalign can correct some problems in as little as a few months.

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