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Dr. Leyli Valera, DDS - San Jose, CA

Dr. Leyli Valera offers a variety of whitening options for patients looking to brighten their smile. She’ll work with you to determine the best course of treatment, based on your goals. She’ll educate you about the treatments available and help you feel comfortable and confident in your decisions.

Common Questions about Teeth Whitening

What kind of whitening options are offered at Crown Family Dentistry?

Dr. Valera offers in-office whitening with ZOOM! This procedure involves the application of a safe whitening gel to your teeth. An LED whitening light is used to accelerate the process. All told, your appointment should last less than two hours.

Dr. Valera also offers take-home trays for whitening. Patients using these can whiten at their convenience and will typically see results in about a week.

How do I know which whitening method is best for me?

This varies from patient to patient, and depends on the condition of your teeth and your expectations. Dr. Valera will work with you to understand your goals, and can explain the available options based on your hopes for your smile.

If a patient doesn’t have sensitive teeth or anterior restorations, and wants results right away, in-office whitening is a great option. If patient has very sensitive teeth, but wants results right away, Dr. Valera will usually have them use Sensodyne toothpaste before and after in-office whitening. The procedure may be a little more uncomfortable for patients with sensitive teeth, but it is over fairly quickly.

Will whitening damage my teeth?

If done too often, the whitening materials can damage enamel. If you’re interested in whitening, Dr. Valera will work with you to create a safe treatment plan for whitening your teeth without damaging them.

If a patient wants another round of in-office whitening, Dr. Valera will evaluate the health of the enamel and review how much staining has occurred since the last treatment.

How often do patients get whitening?

This varies from patient to patient. It will depend on the patient’s enamel, diet, smoking status, coffee/tea/wine consumption, and oral hygiene. If you’re interested in a second round of whitening, Dr. Valera will evaluate the condition of your mouth and enamel, and let you know the available options for treatment.

Can I whiten my dentures?

Whitening treatments are not effective for dentures.

Can whitening damage veneers?

Dental veneers are ceramic and will not be damaged by whitening gels or formulas.

Can whitening damage crowns?

Whitening won’t damage your crowns, but their color might not be changed by the process. If you’re interested in whitening your teeth, or if you’re talking with Dr. Valera about veneers or crowns, she’ll work out a treatment plan that will help you reach your goals.

Does whitening hurt?

This varies from patient to patient. Often, patients experience temporary temperature sensitivity for a few days after in-office whitening, but this will fade soon after. If patients have gum recession, bone loss, or root exposure, they will generally have more sensitivity. Dr. Valera will examine the condition of your mouth before you undergo treatment and help explain the available options, as well as manage expectations.

Which whitening method do patients typically go with?

Patients usually want the fastest and most convenient method of whitening, which is in-office. In-office is the strongest of the whitening options and offers immediate results. However, it’s not always the best method. It’s a powerful treatment, and can sometimes be too strong for patients. Those patients will likely benefit from the slow, steady treatment offered by take-home trays. These tend to show results within a week.

Is in-office whitening safe?

If done by a professional like Dr. Valera, in-office whitening is a safe and effective method for brightening your smile.

Why does whitening cause sensitivity?

The materials used contain peroxide (carbamide or hydrogen peroxide), which penetrates the enamel in your teeth. This causes temporary sensitivity, which should pass within a few days. In-office whitening is a stronger procedure, with a higher concentration of these peroxides. It can therefore result in more sensitivity during procedure, but, again, this will pass shortly after.

When is it time to start whitening my teeth?

Whitening is usually optional for patients. It’s rarely ever a required or mandatory treatment. In most cases, patients inquire about whitening when they’ve noticed their teeth are staining more, or when the coloring of their teeth is starting to interfere with their confidence in their smile.

What’s unique about your approach to whitening?

Whitening, and every treatment offered by Dr. Valera, is dependent on the goals and needs of each patient. Dr. Valera customizes her care in response to the patient’s needs and expectations. She’ll work closely with you to understand your hopes for your smile, and she’ll educate you on the options available. She never pushes unnecessary treatment, but works closely with patients to help determine the best plan for the future of their smile.

Is whitening covered by insurance?

Because whitening is considered aesthetic, insurances typically do not cover the treatment. If you have any questions about coverage, the team at Crown Family Dentistry will talk with your insurance team to make sure you get the maximum benefits from your coverage.

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